What are the use of a boy's nipples?

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In this article, we will know what are the use of the nipples of the boy ?

What are the use of a boy's nipples?

Friends, today we will tell you what are the use of the nipples of the boy. As you all know that the nipples of girls are useful for feeding their babies.
But if a man does not give milk to his children, then what is his nipple for?

So let's talk in the language of science, there are 46 gunas in human beings. Of these, 23 come from the mother's side and 23 from the father's side.

Out of these 22 chromosomes are similar and one chromosome is different, which is called gender formula. It is only the gender formula that determines the male and female characteristics in children, which you must have read as X and Y, contribute to the formation of male and female organs. 

Due to this property, testosterone in men and estrogen and proestogen in women are made hormones which help in the development of male and female organs.

The remaining parts of the body are similar in both, which are formed by the influence of 22 lingi gunas. Therefore, nipple is also a part of the body and is formed equally in both men and women. 

But due to the effect of estrogen and proestrogen hormones in women, breasts develop and remain underdeveloped in men.

The presence of testosterone in the womb makes the body of the fetus swell to reduce milk lines and breast tissue. Because of this, the size of the nipples of men is comparatively less.

Although the nipples of men are quite small, but due to them many types of physical problems can be caused, men also have breast tissue, due to which they also remain at risk of breast cancer.


Since male nipples do not interfere or play a special role in a man's life, nor do they have a special role in reproduction and sexual intercourse, there is no natural reason why a man should not have nipples Should be Rest of you all say whatever God has given and everything is good .


: The above article is written for information only. 
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