How to make money with OnlyFans without showing your face?

To earn money in Onlyfans it is not essential that you show your face. You can always share content where you wear a mask or simply where your face is not visible.

To start earning money in Onlyfans you must follow the following steps :

  1. The first and most important step is to register with OnlyFans(it's free ).
  2. Fill in your profile with a profile photo, a cover photo, and a description. In these photos you can already appear with the mask or directly without showing your face. It is important that you dedicate time to this step, as it will be your cover letter (what users see before subscribing)
  3. Next, you must verify your account, providing your personal data (they are totally private , your subscribers will not be able to see them)
  4. Start uploading content regularly to your profile. It is important that you be original, upload quality material and try to involve your followers in your day-to-day life.
  5. Finally, you have the promotion section Publish the link of your Onlyfans profile on social networks, so that the public knows you and can subscribe.

In short, if you can easily earn $ 100 in one day with OnlyFans If you want to make money without showing your face to OnlyFans , then you will have problems at first. You need to upload very good content for your subscribers to grow. And be desperate to see your face.


There is another way to make money with OnlyFans without showing your face. You can sell pictures of your feet on OnlyFans You can also sell foot images by creating a seller (creator) account at OnlyFans There are many people who make thousands of dollars selling images of their feet on OnlyFans .

But if you don't want to do this job and want to make money just by making videos, you can too. There are many people who want to hide their identity and make faceless videos.

You may not be able to get more money than that. But you don't have to give up, one day your account will become popular. And you can earn more than other creators. By the way, many popular creators make more than $ 100 a day. There are many creators who also have their own YouTube channel. You can also learn a lot about OnlyFans on YouTube.

I am not an expert in promotion, but I can share the experience of my friend who does not show her face and does not use her voice. It has 1000 subscribers in the paid OF and 2,700 in the free one. She earns almost $ 150 per day during the third month that her account exists.

First of all, don't do anything you don't want to do, create the most enjoyable content for yourself, then you will enjoy the process. For promotion, you need to use resources that will help you quickly recruit a target audience.

At first I had no fans on Instagram, Twitter, etc. She started posting on Reddit and TikTok and this gave her a great start to her career, she used her promotional strategies, of course she didn't tell me about her but in the end I'll give you a chance to get them).

On the website itself, it is important to provide all the details: page layout, a memorable nickname and description (you can spy on other models), etc.

An important point is the subscription price. You can set it to $ 25 and sit with 7 subscribers or make the cost of $ 3 for the first month, it will significantly increase the flow of your subscribers, the people on this platform are generous but only if they know you in the future, the optimal subscription it is $ 8-10. Don't forget that there are subscribers who will reschedule next month, usually 50%.

In addition, subscribers can be offered additional content for money, everyone chooses what is close to them, my friend is a sexologist, so she conducts sessions to solve certain problems with her subscribers.

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