How to brighten your yellow teeth with eno and coconut oil?

How to clean yellow teeth

How to brighten your yellow teeth with eno and coconut oil?

Teeth are the beauty of our face. When they are spoiled, our beauty gets a bit of a discount. Also, if our teeth are bad then we have to be embarrassed many times. Do not even laugh openly due to dirty teeth. Eating and drinking are also banned due to yellow teeth or dirty teeth. Therefore, we should pay attention to our teeth as time goes on.

Although there are different types of products available in the market to brighten your teeth, but in reality do you use them to shine in your teeth. Who would know this better than you.

Hello friends welcome to . Today I have brought for you a very amazing and very effective home remedy.

Which can also make your yellow dirty rotten teeth good, in just a few minutes if you want to get your yellow teeth whiten then read this article till the end.

To make this Remedy you will first need: coconut oil and eno .

Which we mostly use to eliminate acidity of the stomach (eno). But you will be very happy to know that it can make your teeth perfectly clean and white and then if you have a bad smell or a smell from your mouth, then you must use this remedy. You will get very good results.

First of all, let me tell you why your teeth get bad. There can be many reasons why teeth are yellow. Like if you eat tobacco or smoke or smoke or eat gutka or pan masala or you drink alcohol. So all these causes our teeth to deteriorate and our teeth appear dirty.

If you do not brush once daily, even then your teeth may be spoiled or eat too much sweet and after that do not rinse, then your teeth can also get worse.

So let's start making Remedy.

Lemon flavored eno It contains many things that help to whiten your teeth.

It contains baking soda and has bleaching property. Which can brighten our yellow dirty teeth like pearls.

The second thing is coconut oil which helps in removing dirt from our teeth and at the same time coconut oil does not allow our teeth to rot.

If your teeth smell bad then you can rub coconut oil on your teeth, it ends the smell of your teeth.

To make this Remedy, take a clean bowl and put one spoon of Eno in it and add one spoon of coconut oil in the middle and mix these two things well.

When these two things combine well then apply this mixture on your brush and brush it. Like we do Colgate.

You must use this Remedy once or twice a week on your teeth.

You will get very good results in a single week. The most noticeable tip is that keep this mixture on your teeth for more than 1 minute.

Rinse this mixture well after rubbing it on your teeth. Use this mixture once a week and see once again its very bright effects which will surprise you. Your teeth will look perfectly clean and pearly.

You don't smile many times because of bad teeth. Because you think it will hurt you. Your bad teeth will not give good feeling to others, no one will talk to you. This mixture will make your teeth clean and at the same time will also make your smile very good.

Because everyone likes white teeth and it affects your look a lot. Because of which your smile has a great impact on people.

Some other ways to clean yellow teeth:

Dry the orange peel and make its powder. Now rub this powder on the teeth every morning and night before going to bed, then rinse it. If you want, you can also rub the orange peel directly on the teeth. Orange peel contains calcium and vitamin C. Calcium helps strengthen teeth and vitamin C fights this bacteria. Repeat this process continuously for a few days, you will see the difference in the color of your teeth.

Neem Datun has been used in the villages since ancient times to clean teeth.When toothpaste or toothpowder were not so easily available in the market, the people of the village used to clean their teeth from neem and acacia toothbrush. Neem acts as an antiseptic that prevents tooth decay. Daily use of neem gets rid of the stench of the mouth and there is no cavity in the teeth. If you cannot use neem toothbrush then brush with neem oil in your toothpaste. It will also benefit.

So friends, this was a recipe for home remedies I hope you would have liked or if you like this Remedy, then comment and tell me your experience, I will be very happy.

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Author:Pushpa Dabodiya
Thank you.

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