What measures should be taken to stop bleeding when there is a nosebleed?

hello friends how are you hope you are all good
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I bring for you very special and interesting information which is very important for your knowledge.
Today I have brought for you a special information which
Very important and interesting for you.

Friends, today I will tell you three best ways to stop bleeding from nose, I will tell you 3 such remedies, which will stop the bleeding forever.

What measures should be taken to stop bleeding when there is a nosebleed or bleeding from the nose?

Friends, in the summer season, the officer gets nosebleeds, even in the winter season, the problem of officer nosebleeds is seen.

The problem of nosebleeds can come at any age, whether it is a child of 8 to 10 years old or young or old.

Friends, by the way, the problem of hemorrhage comes in those people whose bile is irritable, that is, a defect is increased.

With the increase of friends and friends, there is a problem of nosebleeds.

In such a situation, they should not eat things that are very hot.
In the summer days, you should go out in more sunlight.
And they should stay away from food with chili spices.

Come on friends, now we tell you these 3 solutions:-

Remedy No. Take 1 kg full cream milk and put sour cream in it and keep it to set curd.

Friends, keep in mind that do not add too much sour cream or else the curd will turn sour because we have to keep the curd sweet.

Before drinking the curd, mix it well, so that the butter does not come out of the foam of the milk, as if the butter is about to be removed, stop the billowing at the same time.

Friends, now use this lassi in breakfast for 15-20 days continuously. Don't put salt and cumin in it, if you want, you can put blank scandals because the blanks are cold in the picture.

Remedy number 2. Eat one to two spoons of pure desi ghee of cow in lunch. You must always add one to two spoons of pure desi ghee of cow to your lentils.

Or always use pure desi ghee of cow, both these measures help in destroying bile, because bile plays a big role in getting hemorrhage.

Remedy No. 3. While sleeping at night, pour pure desi ghee of cow in the nose every day, because the membrane inside the nose is dry, it becomes smooth by pouring this ghee, it helps a lot in preventing nosebleeds.

Friends, I hope you have liked today's information very much, if there is a person suffering from hemorrhage in your family around you, then help him by telling him this remedy.

That's all we get in today's article, with one more new information, take care of yourself and your family so far, keep cleanliness around you, thank you.

Your friend Pushpa Dabodiya.
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